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Premium Reseller

Become a premium partner and enjoy the rewards

Become a Furniture District Premium Reseller

Become a premium partner and receive free returns and trade discounts on all products. Offer your clients exclusive access to Canada's top independent makers without the expense of holding inventory. 

Bespoke Furniture At Scale

Why become a premium partner?

Digital Marketing

Become part of our sophisticated marketing funnel and we'll even remarket to customers after they leave and still get your commission

Create Signature Collections

Create new designer collections to list on our website and receive royalties on sales for life

Premium resellers benefit from our no-questions-asked free returns on all products within 15 days of receiving your order

1-of-a-kind Product Collections

Get exclusive access to 1-of-a-kind collections from some of Canada's top craftsmen.

Practical Branding

Build brand authority with guest blogs, badges, and featured profile placement in our on and off-site marketing and ad campaigns


Be part of a growing collective of designers and makers across Canada and benefit from the trust we're building with consumers.

What Our Sellers Say

"I love being a part of such a cool collective. Having access to unique products from Canadian designers and furniture makers really sets us apart from the competition."

Richard Wilde, Product Reseller


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