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Hand-crafted Canadian Furniture
Not mass produced

Foxxwood creates furniture destined to be tomorrow's antiques.

There's no better quality standard in Canadian Furniture.

Our most popular products


learn how we went from a little tent to one of Canada's fastest growing furniture brands


Our commitment is products that last generations, not just years. Fixxwood is a part of your family

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Why buy overseas furntiure with such great quality right here at home


Browse Our Collections

Browse our made-to-order products and contact one of our trusted reatailers to order your new furniture

Custom Furniture Service

Connect with our network of professional designers and specialty furniture retailers to design or help shop for your perfect piece. 

Interior Design

Terry Foster
Waterloo, Ontario

Meet Your Maker

Learn more about Foxxwood's founder and how we went from a backyard workshop to one of Canada's fastest growing furniture brands


Some of the best brands began in a garage. Foxxwood began in a tent in the backyard of a triplex apartment. Not 10 years later and Foxxwood is one of the fastest growing Canadian Furniture brands.

Learn more about our humble beginnings and how we went from making reclaimed wood tables to becoming the epitome of quality fine furniture.

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