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Warranty Program

Foxxwood stands behind our products with an amazing 10-year warranty.


This warranty covers any manufacturing defects by repairing or completely replacing your product.


Cracks and warping

Our warranty covers significant warping and major cracking over 10 cm


Peeling finish

All finishes are covered for lifting and peeling


Malfuntioning hardware

Hardware is completely covered for malfunctions and defects

Foxxwood's Standard 10-Year Warranty 

Foxxwood is extremely proud of our craftsmanship This is why we offer such an extensive warranty. We realize that purchasing our furniture is an investment and it is our mission to provide the highest quality products that will last for generations to come.

The Foxxwood warranty period of ten years begins at the time of receipt of the furniture to the original consumer. If a manufacturing defect is discovered during this time, it is important you promptly notify Foxxwood at or contact the retailer where you purchased our product so that we can quickly fix the problem. We will then, for the period of ten years and at our sole discretion, repair or replace, any piece or part found by Foxxwood to be defective in material or workmanship. 

Modifications done by a dealer, the consumer, or other parties will void this warranty. 

This warranty applies only when the furniture purchased is for normal indoor household use (or is gifted for a normal household purpose.) In addition, damage from misuse, neglect, incorrect maintenance, or abuse is not covered under the warranty. It also does not apply to commercial use which includes rental, business, or institutional. Foxxwood will not be responsible for shipping costs to or from the consumers/dealers' location for work completed under this warranty.



We at Foxxwood take the quality of our products seriously. This is why we take every precaution to ensure your product is protected from twisting or warping. That being said, taking quality care of your wood furniture will ensure your enjoyment for years to come. All listed products use quality furniture-grade materials.

As wood has water as a component of its makeup your furniture will shrink and expand with changes in relative humidity and temperature, these are normal and expected changes throughout the year. To lessen the effects of wood movement avoid placing your furniture directly in front of heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, use a humidifier in the cooler drier seasons and air conditioners in the warmer seasons. Relative humidity should be maintained at approximately 40 – 45% to lessen the effects of shrinking or expanding. A humidifier is always recommended in a home with solid wood products. Seasonal movement on solid wood products are not considered warranty issues. This may include products such as tables that feature breadboard ends that may protrude or recede from the edge of the table due to variable humidity. These issues generally resolve themselves as the season changes. Furniture will look at these issues and determine if the issue is significant enough to warrant further intervention or repair.

Live Edge

Live edge products are beautiful, however, due to the expansion and contraction process that wood goes through, the wider the wood plank, the more it will move with humidity changes. For this reason, live edge is prone to cracking which is not covered under this warranty.


Most products are oiled with high-quality products. The finishing process protects your furniture against normal use. Most finishes can take up to 30 days to complete their curing time and we suggest that during this time you take extra care of your furniture. Do not leave any heavy items such as centerpieces on the table for at least the first 30 days and it is always recommended that heavy and hard items have a coaster, placemat, or other protective surfaces to ensure long-term care. Please see the care information for each product for more specific information.

Although we have sourced out a very durable finishing process, any finish will be stressed if not cared for properly. Burns, cuts, scratches, dents, watermarks, and sun damage will affect the finish quality and therefore not covered by this warranty. In addition, cleaning with detergents, abrasives or other improper cleaning agents will break down the finish over time. The preceding actions are not covered by this warranty. 

Minor variations in colour and wood grain will occur between furniture pieces and these are normal in natural products. These variations, minor blemishes, or differences between floor model samples or stain samples, or printed illustrations are not covered by this warranty. Foxxwood only creates products using real wood which varies in colour, grain pattern and other characteristics. Due the variations in wood, we can not guarantee colours to be exact replications on each piece of furniture. We celebrate nature for what it offers us and respect that no two pieces are the same. This is especially true for our salvaged furniture as we can not predict how the wood might take the stain.

Unfinished product, dealer-finished product, or product stained with customer-supplied stain is not covered by this warranty.

Chairs and Fabric

Chairs are covered under the Foxxwood warranty period of 5 years. Chairs covered under this warranty are for regular residential use. Furniture District will at our sole discretion, repair or replace, any piece or part found by Foxxwood to be defective in material or workmanship. In addition, damage from misuse, neglect, incorrect maintenance or abuse is not covered under this warranty. 

Foxxwood does not warranty the durability or colour fastness of the selected fabrics, nor fading, stains from spills, or improper cleaning. Foxxwood will cover for a period of one year breakdown of cushion and seam damage. Customers who select their fabric from outside the Foxxwood fabric catalogues are not covered by this warranty.


Shipping Damage

Pick-up is always free from our retailers, however, should you require delivery, most of our partners offer a white glove delivery service. Any damage caused by the delivery service during white glove delivery is covered by the retailer's insurance. Should you wish to arrange your own shipping, any damage occurring during the delivery or set up of your Foxxwood furniture in your home is not covered by this warranty and should be addressed with the party making the delivery.

Helpful hints to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase

  • Avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time

  • Do not use detergents, abrasives cleaners, or other improper cleaning agents, wipe your furniture with a slightly damp cloth in the direction of the grain and dry with a soft cloth wiping in the direction of the grain.

  • Avoid placing furniture directly in front of radiators, fireplaces or other heat sources

  • Try to maintain humidity levels of approximately 40-45%

  • Avoid impact by hard or heavy objects

  • Wipe off liquid spills immediately

  • Keep extra table leaves as close as possible to the table itself, damp basements or hot dry attics can cause the leaves to expand or contract

  • Stains will darken slightly over time, to lessen the effect use your *extra leaves* occasionally to ensure they have light exposure as well

  • Avoid placing hot items directly on the furniture, it will harm the protective finish

  • Select a location where your furniture will not be bumped and that doors can open fully

  • Drawers can be easily opened without striking or bumping other objects.

  • Writing pads should be used on desks and tabletops to protect against marking surfaces

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