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The Whole Story


Terry Foster


Foxxwood Furniture didn't follow the typical woodworking company path; it had a humble beginning long before our website existed.


Terry Foster, a devoted father of three, started crafting furniture in the backyard of a triplex apartment in order to support his 3 children after unexpectedly becoming a single father. Without any knowledge of running a business or creating a website, he faced tough challenges trying to sell his products on marketplaces like Kijiji and Facebook.

Despite the challenges, Terry's dedication to his family and his craftsmanship led him to a strong reputation and he quicly opened a shop. Terry specialized in creating custom pieces using reclaimed wood from century old barns and salvaging fallen trees from Ontario farms. He continued his commitment to sustainability by studing traditional fine furniture and finishing techniques so that he could incorporate as many eco-friendly practices as possible. 

Years later, Terry's hard work paid off. His custom furniture brand has gained national recognition and quickly grew into one of Ontario's premiere furniture companies with clients all over Canada and the US.

Determined to make his sustainable designs more accessable to Canadians, Terry teamed up with local furniture companies that shared his commitment to quality and sustainable furniture. This is when his new brand, Foxxwood, emerged. Foxxwood is a way to bring his favourite sustaible designs to the clients seeking superior quality and a more sustainable option to fast-furniture.

Available exclusively through fine Canadian retailers, Foxxwood Furniture is quickly becoming a household name in high-quality furnishings.

Explore our collections of hand-crafted furnitureand connect with a fine retailer near you.

Experience the best in local craftsmanship with Foxxwood Furniture.

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