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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Without a team, we would be a table saw in a garage. These are the people who help us make dreams happen.


Owner/ Operator

Terry Foster

Terry Foster began building furniture in the backyard of an apartment building to support his family. Years later that company now provides a great quality of life to it's employees famility, and a great product that will bring families together for generations. 


VP Operations

Kathryn Scobie

Kathryn Scobie is a woman of many talants that is the heart and soul that keeps the gears moving in this company. Her attention to detail, stragegic planning and dedication to doing things right are why Furniture DIstrict is becoming a household name.



Josh Gross

Having recently attended college for woodworking technology, Josh has quickly proven that his knowledge and passion has led him on the right career path. Josh has excelled since joining us an an apprentice.


HR Lead


In charge of company culture, Maya is responcible for keeping a smile on the faces of everyone at Furniture District. Be sure to say hi to her behind the desk. 

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