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Privacy Policy

At Furniture District we take privacy seriously. This is why we implement several steps to ensure that our customer's information is protected. 


Websites use cookies and other data collection in order to store customer information to improve their shopping experience. This includes things like remembering your most recent searches and saving your username or search queries. 

In the name of transparency, we also put together this privacy policy so you can understand how we might use your data.

Forms and Submissions

Our website stores information about how you interact with our site. This includes things like your wishlists, saving your cart information, shipping addresses and other important information that's used to provide a better shopping experience


Credit Card Information

Our website offers customers the ability to store their credit card information for a faster checkout experience. This is done through Wix's secure system and is safe. This is an optional service and can be switched off in your billing settings. 

Paid members must leave a card on file to prevent account access issues.


Browsing and shopping informaiton

We use information collected during your site visit to analyze and use it to better our products and services. This allows us to see what customers are looking for and how they interact with our site. 

This information may be shared with 3rd parties to use their services


Selling of information

Furniture District works with 3rd party designers, furniture manufacturers, resellers, and more. One way in which we collaborate is with the exchange of information that can help improve the overall industry. These are things like product sales reports, search questions, and other general information. Furniture District reserves the right to sell, trade, or share this data with 3rd parties. 

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